Quality sistem development

In the University Service for Quality, Analysis and Reporting, we also carry out development work in the field of quality and development of higher education systems through various methods.

The University Office for Quality Assurance, Analyses and Reporting also deal with quality and systems development in higher education through a variety of channels: (1) implementation and coordination of development projects (RSF), (2) coordination and implementation of European and international projects involving foreign partner universities, institutions and other stakeholders in the European Higher Education Area (FLECSLAB, EUTOPIA Learning Communities, EUTOPIA Quality Board), (3) coordination and implementation of national development projects to develop the national higher education area, both autonomously and in cooperation with stakeholders in the European Higher Education Area (INOVUP, EUROGRADUATE).

Development projects

Benchlearning is one of the quality systems based on encouraging improvement by identifying and sharing good practices and ideas.

In the field of the quality loop of introducing improvements in learning and teaching, UL members, together with three foreign universities, prepared descriptions of practices and challenges they face in one of the three areas: introducing systemic improvements in study programmes, findings supported by self-evaluation and effective implementing and monitoring the implementation of improvements.

International development projects

Within EUTOPIA, we are the lead partner of the Erasmus+ funded project Flexible Learning Communities Supporting Cross-Border Lifelong Learning (FLECSLAB).

FLECSLAB extends the work of existing learning communities to the field of Lifelong Learning (LLL). In the context of EUTOPIA, these are based on an innovative educational model of international networking of best practices in the field of active learning. The project team will develop a wide range of tools to support higher education practitioners and policy makers in developing LLL pedagogies (tools) and sustainable offerings (LLL business model).




National development projects

Within the framework of the Working Group on Graduate Tracking of the Rectors’ Conference of the Republic of Slovenia, we are coordinating the implementation of the Eurograduate project in Slovenia (Eurograduate – Support for further implementation of the European Graduate Tracking Initiative – 2nd Phase of the Eurograduate Pilot Survey). The aim of the project is to lay the foundations for a sustainable EU-wide graduate survey. The findings will be used to compare different higher education systems in Europe and to identify ways in which we can better prepare young people for the world of work and their role in society.

Another large-scale project, Innovative Learning and Teaching for Quality Careers of Graduates and Excellent Higher Education (INOVUP), was carried out (2018-2022) to improve the quality of higher education by introducing more flexible, modern forms of learning and teaching. Through its activities, the INOVUP project contributed to improving the teaching competencies of higher education teachers and associates.

Project KUL (2013-2015) was the first large-scale project for the University of Ljubljana (UL) dedicated to quality. We implemented systematic, integrated and development measures to upgrade the quality system at UL. With the KUL project, we encouraged the development of a common quality culture by including all 26 UL members and establishing a new way of cooperation.