Global rankings

At the University of Ljubljana (UL) we ensure quality in terms of supervision or control, i.e. quality assurance, and in parallel we also use the approach of quality improvement, i.e. quality enhancement, which mainly focuses on internal factors of quality improvement or development factors of higher education institution. We thus rely heavily on the traditional component of external quality assurance, i.e. on external accreditations and evaluations of study programmes and university, and monitoring the ranking of the university, its programmes and fields on the global ranking scales of universities and study fields.

Ranking scales position

Ranking scales are based on a number of indicators, on the basis of which a certain number of points is awarded to an individual university or field of study, based on a complex background. The number of points and thus the ranking position largely depends on the selected indicators, the share of the value of each indicator in relation to the whole, the statistical methods used for data processing and the reliability of the obtained data. If, for example, only the value of the share of the same indicators would increase / decrease, this could significantly affect the ranking position itself, so in the context of ranking and interpretation of ranking scales it is necessary to consider their methodology.

UL ranking on global ranking scales


We have recently moved monitoring of the ranking of the university as a whole, as well as it’s study fields, to a new level, as we have prepared an application for analytical monitoring of various observed dimensions for the purposes of detecting trends in ranking and perceiving development challenges. Thus, with the help of data processing from the ARWU, QS, THE and CWUR rankings, we monitor trends in various activities at the university level and discipline level, and at the same time monitor the ranking of comparable and strategically important universities (members of LERU, GUILD, CELSA). As part of our development activities, due to the exclusivity of data, both in the context of accessibility and usability, we also use the services of the analytical unit of the Shanghai ARWU index.

For more information on ranking UL on global rankings and methodology of the most reputable ranking scales, visit our app.