Enhancement-led visits

Enhancement-led visits are aimed at supporting member faculties of University of Ljubljana (UL) in their efforts to boost quality, at invaluable exchange of practices and strengthening cooperation within UL, as defined in Article 8 of the Quality System Rules of the UL.

Enhancement-led visits encourage the representatives of member faculties in finding and building on their own solutions, and strengthen the understanding of specific circumstances and needs of the faculties. Enhancement-led visits at UL are defined in detail by the Rules on UL enhancement-led visits. The mechanism is not intended for assessing the quality of member faculties.

The visits were first piloted in two phases between 2014 and 2015, at UL TEOF, UL AG, UL FMF, UL FPP, UL FF and UL FDV in 2014 and 2015. They have been implemented on a regular basis since 2015 and the first cycle was completed in 2022:

  • 2015-2016: UL FGG, UL PF, UL EF and UL ALUO;
  • 2016-2017: UL ZF, UL FE, UL NTF and UL FFA;
  • 2017-2018: UL FU, UL FSD, UL FS and UL FRI;
  • 2019: we paused in the implementation in order to avoid too much overlapping of activities as the university prepares for the renewal of accreditation;
  • 2020-2021: UL FA, UL BF, UL FKKT and UL FŠ. The pause in implementation was prolonged by the pandemic, but in order not to make it too long, the visits were successfully implemented virtually, despite the complex format.
  • 2022: UL AGRFT, UL MF, UL PEF and UL VF.

The most frequent topics selected by the members during the visits were improvements in the area of learning and teaching, the development of internal quality systems and improvements in the area of internationalisation.

The mechanism is not intended to assess the quality of the members.

Participation of UL students

An important mission of the enhancement-led visits is the mutual exchange of valuable knowledge and experience between UL staff and students. Students have been involved in their design since the very development of UL enhancement-led visits. They are trained for their implementation, as members of the self-evaluation and enhancement group they participate in the preparation and implementation of the enhancement-led visit, they are also invited to monitor the implementation of measures arising from the enhancement-led visits.

More about the enhancement-led visits >> (only in Slovene)

The UL member faculty applies in the call
The UL Quality Assurance Committee approves the plan for conducting enhancement-led visits
USKAP posts a call for conducting enhancement-led visits
USKAP draws up an evaluation of the enhancement-led visits
USKAP informs stakeholders about the enhancement-led visits conducted and key findings
The UL Quality Assurance Committee discusses the report on the evaluation of enhancement-led visits


Report on the implementation of enhancement-led visits

In 2018, we prepared a report for the first cycle of visits. We started conducting visits in 2014 and carried them out in 18 UL members. In the report, we assessed the achievement of the purpose of the visits, highlighted the key factors that contributed to the success, and prepared an overview of all the topics discussed.

Rules on UL enhancement-led visits