Gender Equality

In 2022, the University of Ljubljana adopted the document entitled The Gender Equality Plan (GEP). Its purpose is to establish a strong gender equality policy at the University of Ljubljana because we believe that our success depends inter alia on the extent to which we manage to include all employees in teaching and research, and attract new scholars without the stereotypes about a person’s abilities and capabilities being limited by gender or other personal circumstances (ethnicity, age, sexual orientation etc.). The document was produced by an interdisciplinary group that was led by Prof. Vesna Leskošek (Faculty of Social Work) and included the following members: Prof. Ksenija Vidmar Horvat (Vice-Rector), Assoc. Prof. Aldo Milohnić (Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television), Prof. Milica Antić Gaber (Faculty of Arts), Assoc. Prof. Valentina Franca (Faculty of Public Administration), Assoc. Prof. Emilija Stojmenova Duh (Faculty of Electrical Engineering), Assoc. Prof. Anja Planinšček (Faculty of Architecture), Assoc. Prof. Marko Novinec (Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology), Gabrijela Tavčar Kalcher (Veterinary Faculty), Prof. Matjaž Konvalinka (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics), Research Fellow Maša Hiti (specialist services of the UL Rectorate), and Anemarija Planšak (Student Council). Expert support to the group was provided by the University Office for Quality and Strategic Management Support. The Gender Equality Plan was adopted on 19 April 2022.

The Plan was produced based on the University of Ljubljana’s data on the composition of its staff and student population, the data obtained through two extensive surveys, an analysis of the management and other bodies of the University of Ljubljana faculties and academies, international comparisons and documents from the European Commission. The University of Ljubljana’s Gender Equality Plan (UL GEP) is a fundamental document through which the University of Ljubljana creates an environment characterised by diversity and equality. To this end, it has introduced a series of measures to be put in place and commitments to be fulfilled by 2027, when a new gender equality plan needs to be adopted.

It was especially vital to introduce rules on measures to protect the dignity of employees, which is why on 15 February 2022 the University of Ljubljana Senate adopted the Rules on Measures Against Violence, Harassment and Mobbing. Based on these Rules, the faculties and academies appointed confidants and the University of Ljubljana appointed members of committees for establishing facts and circumstances that are set up in the event of reported violations of these Rules.

In April 2023, the Rector of the University of Ljubljana appointed a working group for monitoring the implementation of GEP composed of Prof. Vesna Leskošek (head), Prof. Ksenija Vidmar Horvat (Vice-Rector), Assist. Prof. Jasna Podreka (Faculty of Arts), Research Counsellor Urša Opara Krašovec (Faculty of Electrical Engineering), Prof. Katja Filipčič (Faculty of Education), Prof. Alenka Švab (Faculty of Social Sciences), Martin Vrtačnik (Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television) and Maja Hosta (specialist service of the UL Rectorate).

To apply the principle of gender equality it is also vital to adhere to the general legislative framework of the Republic of Slovenia and the general documents regulating this area.